Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Diet News

The weight reduction product industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business trend. This translates as good news to diet product executives, but not such good news for weight loss hopefuls. Many of these products list side-effects and a large sample do not work the way they advertise. In an age where excess weight and obesity are thought to be the primary cause of many health issues, every decision counts. The best way to lose a few pounds and stay on top of well reviewed products is by visiting Happy Diet News. This site is dedicated to reviewing current diet systems that yield results and help maintain weight loss.
Of course, the best way to impact any diet program is to get the necessary amount of exercise while limiting, not depriving, your diet of certain foods. People reporting the most well-maintained weight reduction has done so by simply eating their four food groups spread out during the day and exercising for an hour four times a week. Sensible choices will truly be the best jump-start to any program. However, with age, lifestyle and career factored in, some programs need a bit of a jolt.
The fastest growing natural weight reduction tool is the Acai berry. Many products feature this tiny gem from the Amazon as a catalyst for weight loss, while others promote its overall health benefits. Popular Acai weight loss supplements such as Acai Pure, Acai Optimum and Natural Acai all boast use of the Acai berry along with other ingredients that promote weight loss and boost overall health. They are also in the top five rankings of the 2010 Top Diets list.
The second place contender for best diet product of 2010 is ParaSlim Force. While it doesn't use Acai in its formula, it does contain several ingredients known to promote weight loss. Vitamin B6, a key component in metabolism, and EGCG, extracted from green tea are two of the many powerhouse ingredients in ParaSlim Force.
The number one rated product is Colon Cleanse Elite. Impacted fecal matter along the intestinal walls harbor bacteria and toxins that causes illness, fatigue and adds weight. Colon cleansing is a safe way to remove the harmful bacteria and helps the dieter lose up to ten pounds of unwanted pounds. Colon Cleanse Elite not only advertises as a weight reduction supplement, but also as a detoxifier to your system.
Colon cleansers not only help in maintaining healthy weight reduction, but users report an improvement in overall stamina, health and well-being. Staying ahead of false weight loss claims is an imperative part of weight loss because it prevents breaking healthy habits out of frustration. Happy Dieting!

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